Back to School

It’s back to school from the holidays on Monday and even though I can’t wait to have all of my kids back on their routines, I am also going to miss them! I know, crazy… Right? Lol. Yes, my kids argue over little things and it can give me a headache (Tyler, 10, & Kianna,7) and having all four at home, things can get crazy. However, enjoying the time together is an amazing feeling. I have two kids enrolled in full time schooling (soon to be three) and two kids at home.

This September 2014 my three year old, Ava, will be starting school! So that adds a new activity to our day: preparing Ava for JK! I want to engage her in similar activities that she will be doing in JK, so it’s not a drastic change when she gets there. Tracing alphabet and numbers, cutting and pasting, colouring… All the regular stuff. These activities are more about practice and getting into routine for Ava because she’s already well acquainted with the alphabet and numbers!

Although back to school means less time for family time, we still do have the weekend… Even though those two days take forever to come! Having four kids during the week doesn’t give us time to enjoy much. Between homework, home projects, dinner, house work and bedtimes- time is at a loss. Every week we all look forward for Friday to come. Although there are still routines on Friday we don’t keep them as time structured. It’s nice to relax a little! At the beginning of December I started a new routine for myself. I started doing all my major cleaning towards the end of the week, this helped me to have a relaxing weekend with the kids, hubby & friends. In doing the major cleaning during the week I find that the household is easier to maintain in weekend because all the hard work has been done already and it’s just about keeping on top of it, so less time cleaning and organizing which equals a happy me and a happy family!

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