New Year = New Home

I am so happy renos are going to start happening, but nervous at the same time (lol). With four kids and loving to have things organized and clean, it’s kind of scary. I am not looking forward to the part of housing items where they don’t belong. I am also not looking forward to all the piles of dust and dirt tracking that will come along with it. The good thing is we are starting at the bottom (basement), and working our way up (upper level). With my youngest turning two in February it’s time to gain the space on my main floor, where my kids toy room currently is. Once the reno is over in the basement my oldest, Tyler, will be moving into his new room. Along with his room renovation, I plan on having the kids toy room in the basement, along with a full bathroom, media room, storage area, and a office space all setup when done. With being a family of six we sometimes find we run out of room, and we are all excited, including the kids, to have the basement turned into another living space. My laundry room is also in the basement, and houses a lot of the machines (washing machine, dryer, water filter system, hard water system… You get the point) for the house and it isn’t a big space. I face the dilemma: How can I make this room the best it can potentially be? Weighing the factor that I am in the laundry room every day (family of six!) I want to organize and maximize space; so please feel free to share any ideas you may have!


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  1. Catt says:

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    I love seeing Reno’s before & after!

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