Snow Days!

Who doesn’t love snow days? Personally, I love them! I also take advantage of them. I  take a break from life, even if I have a long To-Do list, I put that aside and spend the day hanging out in pyjamas with the kidsWe love to get blankets and snuggle on the coach while watching movies. And we love to engage in family activities such as baking. A snow man is a must! That is, if the temperatures allows us… I may do something’s on my To-Do list when the kids go off and do their own thing but it’s no longer a must to do. If it gets done, great!  If not, there is always tomorrow and the rest of the week to catch up. Heavy snow days aren’t a regular event, so when we do get them we like to enjoy them to the fullest. Plus, these will be the moments our kids remember forever. So, back to school from the holidays will be postponed until tomorrow. Oh, and can you mention how excited the kid’s get on snow days? I absolutely loved how BIG my kids smiles & screams were this morning when I announced we had a snow day!

I do have to admit I hate driving in snow and don’t like being in the cold and many other things about the snow,  which I am sure many can relate, but Maybe Snow Days are just life’s reminders to cherish and to enjoy!



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