Date Nights


A husband and wife should always make time for each other, especially after the kids come along. Parents always get so wrapped up in doing house chores, cooking, family game nights, family movie nights, trips with the kids, and just doing everything for and with the kids; that by the end of the day we are pooped and counting down the minutes for us to shower and hit the sack. I think we forget we still need to take time with our partner. Having four kids we don’t always have the time and energy to spend quality time together. Especially since our schedule differ, I start my day around 5-5:30am and lets face reality, by the time 9pm rolls in I am ready for bed! And quite frankly, so is my husband, Amar. My night consists of: Making dinner for the family, bathing Ava and Maddison then prepare them for bed- Amar usually helps me with this! Kianna (7) is the next to go to bed at 8:30pm, and our eldest, Tyler (10) is the last to hit the sack at 9pm.

Last year my husband and I decided that we would make room in our schedule for date night. Now, that doesn’t mean always going out together alone, without the kids… But the simple things as well: watching a movie together after the kids are in bed, telling each other about our day, making appetizers and enjoying them in our pyjamas, talking about our future plans & dreams…  Those kinds of things. Our children are in bed on a set time unless it is the weekend, or we are doing something special. We obviously cant do these things every night, however, we are doing it more then ever before. We have planned date nights where we arranged for family members to stay with the kids while we went to the movies, a dinner date, a dessert date, a night out, or even just a simple long drive. Since our “date nights” have begun, I have noticed a stronger connection between the two of us. I dont think you can loose spark in any relationship or marriage if you really try! My husband and I were high school sweethearts, we met in 1998. We later got married in 2002, and yes, this does sound absolutely perfect however: No marriage is perfect! We love each other very much, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for one and other and for our children. We have been strong since day 1 even as the days, months, and years passed; and today we are even stronger.  I find that it’s the little things that mean the most… Even when Amar is busy at work, and I am occupied with the kids at home, when my phone beep’s and I see an “I Love You”, “Thinking of You”or “Missing You” It brings a smile to my face, and it melts my heart. Those are the little things that count…




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