My Schedule

Today I have decided to talk about routines and how important I feel they are. Routines play a BIG roll in my life, especially since I have four kids. Before my children, I didn’t have a routine for myself, I would start house work on Fridays (if I didn’t have plans) and work my way from there. Since having my first baby, Tyler, I decided I needed to start routine… Of course you can never fully predict you day, and you can’t always stay on schedule, however I do make sure we have family time with the kids. Couple time, for Amar and I, and of course me time! As I have mentioned in other posts, Monday through Friday is always more structured with schedule only because they are school and work nights. On the other hand, weekends are more about relaxing and doing the last things on my to-do list. I have had some questions of How do you find time for everything?” and I am not sure of the answer, I just do lol. So, I will let you guys in on my schedule…

This is what a regular weekday looks like when everything goes as planned, and I don’t have appointments, plans or errands to run or attend to.

Between 5 to 5:30 I am up and rolling out of bed. I wash up and am onto my first cup of coffee while I get a load in the wash, make school lunches and prepare snacks. Sometime I prepare the kids school stuff the night before which gives me some extra time in the morning, for quiet time. I usually click on the news, while checking my phone and sip my coffee. I usually try and get any tasks that need to be done, completed by 7am.

When 7am comes rolling in, I wake up the kids and start making breakfast and bottles. My two little ones, Mady and Ava are usually up by this time and relax on the couch while watching cartoons. By 7:30am I have already scanned my upper floor for what needs to be done, and my kids are eating breakfast together.

By the time 8am comes, Tyler and Kianna are clearing plates and are really starting to get ready for school. I usually get myself ready around this time as well, and change Mady and Ava up for a new day. We are out the door by 8:30am. I start to tidy up the dining room around 9am while Ava and Mady play in their toy room. I like to arrange a fun activity for them when I’m done in the kitchen around 9:30.

The little one’s are constantly on the go, and always learning. So I like to fuel them up with a small breakfast-snack or fruit around 10am, and then an activity takes place. Afterwards, I tidyup the house, vacuuming and checking things off my To-Do list! I send the girls to nap around 12:30, and I create another To-Do list:

– Mop floors
-Another load of laundry
-Make lunch for myself…
-Make some important phone calls

The girls wake around 2:30 – 3pm, and have something to eat. The real madness begins when 3:30-3:45pm arrives. Tyler and Kianna arrive home then it’s go-go-goThey empty their backpacks, have a snack, do their homework, and start on their chores. Kianna usually plays with the girls while I made dinner. When I am all done the food, I review agenda’s and notes, and fill out forms if needed. The kids anticipate Daddy’s arrival around 6:15-6:30pm, so we can eat! Yaaaaay. 

By the time 7pm comes, I am cleaning up after dinner, and Kianna is headed for the shower. Tyler follows after Kianna, and they prepare for bed. I start bottles for the girls at 7:30, and bath them. By 8pm Mady and Ava are in bed and I can do another load of laundry and read with Kianna. After reading with her she’s off to bed at 8:30, and I hang out with Tyler until’ his bed time hits at 9pm.

After all the kids are in bed, any house work that needs to be completed, is. I also use this time for me time, blogging, e-mails, to-do lists, agenda review and review any project that needs to be finished by Friday night… At around 11:30 I head for bed and prepare for a new day, unless I can get into bed earlier! I’d jump in that boat any day, lol!  


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