Kids Chores


Tyler (10)

Daily Chores:

-Makes bed
-Tidies Room
-Collects his laundry
-Empties his lunch bag & anything that needs to be from his backpack
-Gets backpack ready for next day
-Wipes & clears the table after meals
-Takes kitchen trash to the garage
-Hanging of all jackets
-Vacuums (main floor only)
-Cleans cat litter
-Pet food & water

Weekly Chores:

-Cleans rooms
-Changes his bed sheets
-Vacuums his room
-Vacuums stairs


Kianna (7)

Daily Chores:

-Makes Bed
-Tidies room
-Empties her lunch bag & anything that needs to be from her backpack
-Gets backpack ready for next day
-Empties trash cans from all washrooms & takes it to the garage
-Takes out recycling
-Helps clear the table after meals
-Sweeps under the dining room table after dinner
-Collects her laundry
-Cleans up the toy room
-Puts away shoes in the closet
-Puts away hats, gloves, scarves, etc…

Weekly Chores

-Cleans out her drawer (her belonging that she plays with or didn’t have time to put away where they belong)
-Takes her bedding to the laundry room
-Wipe down Toy Room surfaces
-Cleans up her area in the basement


Ava (3) & Madison (2 In February)

Ava & Madison love to help cook or bake. They both are really into pulling chairs to the sink and watch me wash dishes. They also love to unload the dishwasher with me, push the swifter around, and take cloths to wipe down toy surfaces in toy room or parts of walls, lol. However, Ava and Madison are still too young for assigned chores.

When they reach a certain age they will have assigned chores, just like their older siblings. As for Tyler & Kianna, chores will change as they get older. Their chores also differ by season, some of the daily chores change into every-other-day or weekly. Some chores are taken away completely and substituted for outdoor jobs, and some not… Plus, where we live winters are long and cold, the kids spend less time outside. When the summer arrives they should have more time outside to enjoy with the family. Since days get longer in the summer there’s much more in a day that we can do.

I believe we should all play a role in keeping up with the house, to a point, of course. I also like that my children know we work together and that cleaning responsibilities don’t only belong to one person. I believe that cleaning collectively as a family helps build their confidence when they want to help with new things. Plus, it shows them responsibility!


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