My Top 10 Cleaning Must Haves

I thought I would share my top 10 must haves for cleaning

10.Vim bathroom cleaner spray:  I love this because it works amazing without a powerful smell.  I use it to clean bathrooms only and it works in every area of the bathroom. Talk about awesome!

9.Lysol cleaning wipes:   For those fast wipe-down jobs. I love them for wiping down door knobs and light switches. I also use them on the daily wipe down of bathrooms. These are great because the can stand up to the job without tearing. I also love that they are disaffecting and can be used on kids toys/areas and pet items.

8.Oxy Clean:  Love the magic this product has on taking stains out from basically any fabric! Material, carpets and bags that you cant throw in the wash, this is a great and easy way to remove stains and… I also use it in my daily laundry routine!

7.Febreze Fabric Freshner:  Like the commercials, I use Fabreeze for all my area rugs, entrance mats that can’t be put in the washing machine! I also use this for our front closet that holds all the jackets, shoes, etc.. I usually buy the antibacterial one, but I must say I love them all. I also use them for my husbands work shoes, just one spray works!

6.Microfiber Cloths:  These cloths are great for dusting! They pick up the dust without leaving lint or marks behind. It also works great for cleaning counters, bathrooms, baseboards and walls. Another great thing about them is with proper care they can last a very long time. I have multiple colours so I can use them for different areas in the house,  (Light Blue=bathrooms, Dark Green, Dark Blue, & Pink= Kitchen, Yellow=Dusting). These can be washed, which is super awesome, which I wash on Hot with soap, oxy clean & beach.

5.Kirkland Paper Towels:  I’m in love with this paper towel brand. They are so durable & absorb really well. With a Family of six there’s always spills to clean up; and glass surfaces and mirrors to be cleaned.

4.Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel:   Your toilet will always be shining with Scrubbing Bubbles! Plus, it removes all odors and is easy to use!

3.Vinegar & Water:  Love that it’s a natural house cleaner, a safe one too. I use this as an all-purpose cleaner. Washing walls, all my floors, and mirrors! When cleaning mirrors or glass tops it leaves no streaks! I can even use this for the toy room, and I trust it.

2.Swiffer Dusters:  On those days where there is no time to dust, I love how fast I can dust everything without a hassle! Plus, its versatile and is great for a whole bunch of surfaces.

1.Dyson Dc25:  I love love my DC25! It comes with many changeable pieces and accessories. I absolutely love that it’s bag-less! My Dyson picks everything up and I do not have to worry about cat and dog hair being left behind. And trust me, it picks up everything! It is so simple to work that Tyler, my 10 year old can work it without hassle!


These are my personal top 10 must haves for cleaning. I always make sure that these products are stalked up on my shelves. Being a family of six this is what I need to always be on top of the house. In my opinion, these products are great and easy to use. I love that even on the not-so-much-cleaning-days I can still stay on top of things with these products and still have family time! I find that taking 10-15mins a day on each floor every morning makes a big difference when trying to keep on top of things, and it’s so much easier too.

I would love to hear what your top must haves are. If you would like to share comment below or email me at


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