Project Management Book

Since the reno’s have begun, I thought making a Project Management notebook would help keep me organized with wants, ideas and reno’s to-do’s and anything else reno! Lol! I was contemplating between a binder or a notebook, and (as you read) notebook won! These are the item’s I picked up to start my Project Management notebook:

– Notebook (Dollarama)

– Post-It note pad (Dollarama)

– Plastic Holder (Dollarama)

– Paper Tab’s (Staples)

-Paper Mate Felt Tip Markers (Staples)

 I had some of my supplies on hand already, but these are all items that are easy to find and wallet-friendly! So, I have started my Project Management notebook with simple notes and to-do’s, and I plan to organize the book into sections. The sections will be for each part of my house that will undergo renovations. The reno’s are starting from the basement, moving on to the main floor, and then to the upper level and will end at the front yard. On the page where my paper tab is placed I stick a Post-It and write my to-do lists to get myself organized. I re-write everything in the notebook after I know I am not missing anything, and I won’t need to immediately scratch something out.

I bought a plastic holder that looks like a huge pencil case, it’s ideally used for storing paper, but I am using it to store my Project Management notebook, writing utensils, Post-Its, any magazine pages I pull out for ideas for rooms, and colours sample chips. This way everything is always kept together and I can just grab the case and take it with me. Plus, when it comes down to shopping, taking measurements for purchases and ideas I saved, I can just grab my case and off I go! My Project Management notebook is not completed yet but when it is, I will share it will you (:

project management start


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