January’s Julep Maven Monthly Box

January's Julep Maven Box Review

This is so long over due it isn’t even funny. I actually had this posting sitting and forgot all about it. I thought I had it set to go up on date, but I guess not. Sorry for the delay. I still want to post this for I like sharing my thoughts and opinions on products I try.

1.Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum- I love this product, it does not leave you finger tips oily after it dries. I have noticed a change in one week of using this product. I have been applying it every night, the directions say to apply twice daily for two weeks and then once daily for a week, but let’s be honest with 4 kids I am lucky I have been remembering to apply it every night lol. With saying that if it has worked already big difference with using it once daily imagen using it twice daily. I have used this until now (middle of February) and still loving it. I was using it daily, usually at night after I shower. It’s amazinggggg. I even noticed that my cuticles aren’t growing as fast.

2. Julep Myrtle Nail Polish- I really like this colour, it’s a beautiful bright red and I only needed to apply 1 coat. I had my toe nails painted in this colour, it’s lasted really long without having to re-apply or do any touch ups.

3.Julep Zora Nail Polish- It’s a nice polish, had it done on my toe nails, the colour is nice but I didn’t like it to much for my feet as it is really light, but say it’s nicer for a natural hand nail colour. I didn’t like that it need multiple coats.

4.Julep Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer (Sample)- Still waiting to be tried. I will come and update you once I have. I am saving this for when I really wear a face of makeup. I don’t use foundation and too much make up everyday.


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