Kids Art Wall Display

my kids art display wall

My kids are always sharing art work with me and I love it! However, I don’t love how messy the front of the fridge was getting and how cluttered it was looking… Plus, Madison would pull their art work down and it would get scrunched up… So, I had to think of a better way to display their art work. We decided to dedicate a wall in the kitchen that was bare. The amount of art work I had to display was more than a fridge or a wall could handle. I decided to sit down with all four kids to discuss some rules for our Art Wall. We set some rules for our art display.

  • Everyone gets to have their art displayed
  • We will rotate artwork so everyone has a chance to showcase their special pieces
  • Once we take down something we either recycle them or give it to family & friends

Of course number three has the exception of the really special pieces which would be stored in a box. Everyone agreed to the ruled, and so now the task began. What did I need? How would I display their art? I went on Pinterest and searched for ideas and inspiration. After a while, I came across a photo that I liked and decided to re-create it.


-Clothing Pins (Dollarama)
-Ribbon (Dollarama)
-Paint (Dollarama)
-Paint/Craft Brush (Dollarama)
-Thumb-Tacks (Dollarama)

I bought regular bamboo clothing pins, cream ribbon, brown paint and clear thumbtacks. I started by painting the clothing pins while my two youngest were asleep. They needed two coats for them to be completely covered and not patchy. My next task was to measure the ribbon and pin it into the wall, I bought clear thumb-tacks so it wouldn’t be noticeable, however I decided to paint just the head brown and then clamped a clothing pin to it. The project looks great and it was super simple to do. During the holidays it tends to be more cluttered but I have never had it fall or break. I’ve had the kids Art Display in my kitchen for over a year and it holds great!

If you would like to share your Kids Art wall I would love to see it, you can email me at


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