My First Julep Review

First Julep Order Review

I recently ordered from Julep online (if you couldn’t tell from my Tweet’s) and I want to give you guys a quick review based on my experience with the products! I will be posting a full review on some of the products I purchased after I spend more time using them. So, this is my experience with my first Julep order!

  • Julep Mint Condition Pedi Cream: 

O-M-G heaven! I love this product and it’s become a must have for me. I love how light weigh it feels, and how silky my feet feel after using it. I use it every night after I shower. The Pedi Cream is so moisturizing and I like that the mint fragrance is not over powering. I must say that after one week of using it every day, I am addicted! The product leaves your skin with a nice tingle and I just love it!

  • Julep Alaina Nail Polish #3143:

My toenails are painted with this colour and it is very easy to apply, it’s light and goes on super smooth. No top coat was needed since a base coat was applied beforehand. The colour was bang-on and didn’t need to be applied multiple times. I liked the fact that it has a great wear time without having to have touch-up’s done! I had the Alaina colour on my toes for a week! I like this product and will definitely be purchasing more nail colour from Julep.

  • Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment:

I find that nail colour on my hands fade quickly and does not last long. However, I started to use the Oxygen Nail Treatment because my nails have started to peel and are super weak! I decided to try Juleps Nail Treatment to see if revives my nails and so far I am pretty happy with the outcome! At first look at the bottle, it looks pink however it’s actually very glossy with only a tint of pink. It is smooth and easy to apply, and I usually have two coats on. After a week of having it on it only needs to be touched up now. So far I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it. Since I have only used this for a week, I will give you a full review on Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment after a couple more weeks of using it.


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