Organizer for the Car

Here is my paper car organizer.

Paper Organzier for the Car

After figuring out a system that works in the kitchen I thought I would try a mini-organizer in my car. I find that my glove boxes (I got three in my car) are always filled with coupons, receipts, loyalty cards, and so much more… When I actually remember or need something, it’s scattered in the car. Going on a treasure hunt is not fun, nor is never finding what I need when I need it! This is why I came up with the idea of a mini organizer for my car!

Right now I do not have many sections filled however, I just started this project. Now that I have cleaned out all my glove boxes in my car I will start using it. As time passes, I will most likely add a label or two to fit my needs. I actually just noticed I need a tab for my loyalty cards and am filling out a label right now! Lol! So, I will update you guys on how this project works for me, and update you with add-ons. I will also share some photos with you as my mini-organizer journey continues.


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