Who Loves Paper Clutter In Their Kitchen?!


Kitchen Paper Organzier
Seriously, whether you’re a family of two or ten, paper clutter can take over your kitchen in no time! Incoming mail, bills to pay, things to follow up on, school papers, you name it– it ends up in the kitchen. I have two children enrolled in school and two that are stay-at-home. Then add my husband and me, so in total we are a family of six! And let me tell you, the school papers that come in alone are enough to take over. My first idea was to use a plastic free standing mail organizer however, it didn’t end up working out. It would fill up quickly, so the papers started to have a new homes such as the top of my microwave and the junk drawer… Things got out of control, fast! It became a hassle to find the papers I needed.

I found a new system, and IT WORKS! I will never have to go on an adventure to find that school paper or bill, again. I started to use a paper organizer (according style) and used the sticky labels that it came with, to name each slot. I organized it so everyone in the family had a tab, except for Madison because she doesn’t usually have papers that come in for her often. I just added Ava, my three year old, to the organizer because she will start JK in September! I use to have a “To File” section however I found it wasteful since anything that needs to be filed goes onto a tray in my office.

I find that having my first tab with my supplies helps me keep organized. I like to keep a pad of Post-Its, a calculator, a pen and some extra labels. Having all my supplies in one place saves me a hunt for a pen, or whatever I may need. Plus, if I need to change any of the labels or make notes I don’t have to stop what I am doing and then forget what I wanted to jot down… I also use this system for incoming mail. When I do my mailbox check I like to open all the mail and see what needs immediate attention and file the rest in the organizer in the section they belong. I usually take care of immediate attention mail when the Ava & Madison are napping.  To help me stay organized with bill due dates I have a calendar on the side of my fridge that I mark all the payment dates and any invitation dates. Then I can just refer back to my organizer for additional information.

When Tyler and Kianna get back from school I usually check to see if they have any forms that needs my attention and then I deal with it right away. If for some reason I cannot go through the papers I then file them in the organizer in their section with a post it note sticking out so that I can remember to review them when the kids are in bed. Tyler and Kianna both get monthly school calendars and instead of having them both on display on the fridge, my master calendar holds all I need to know for them. Each of them have a colour on the calendar (via my all-time fav Paper Mate marker-pens) for their school. Anything from gym dates to fundraisers will be marked in their colour so it’s easy for both me and the kid’s to keep track of things!

If you would like to share your Kitchen Paper Organizer please do so below or email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com


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