Winter Blues

winter blues

This winter has been, by far, the worst winter.  Many days with temperatures way below normal and many snow falls. I have never been a winter girl, but I hate this winter the most, out of all the winters I have been around for… Temps haven’t been recorded this cold for about 25 years! With that being said, this weather calls for indoors all the time! It’s too cold to let the kids play in the snow,too cold to go for a walk, too cold to do anything!

These conditions start to bring in the “winter blues” feeling. The days are starting to feel way too long, despite the sun going down early…I am starting to wish I had an indoor play place. I am running out of things to do indoors and wanting to be outdoors. We so can’t wait for warmer weather. I don’t mind being out in the winter at all, but with temps being -30 it is not safe nor does it cross my mind! Especially with my two younger ones, Ava and Mady.

Mr Groundhog didn’t make anybody happy calling for another six whole weeks of winter… Being a mom of four there is always activities to do inside with the kids… However, everyone is getting irritated by the lack of outdoors, so I am going to create a schedule of activities for the kids. It will have crafts and school-learning activities, for Ava. Some science experiments for all the kids to enjoy- Im getting excited just thinking about it!

 Once I have finalized my schedule I will be sure to share it with you! If you have any suggestions for my schedule send me an e-mail at So, get excited and change what you can or else the winter blues will get you down!


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