Update Basement Renos

As frustrating as it can be when a problem is uncovered, it is better to find it sooner than later!  So, with my luck, we ran into some problems as we started the basement reno’s. Everything was put on hold for a couple weeks and fix the problem… What happened was with all the snow and below temperatures Canada has been facing, our water drainer on the side of the house got clogged and then froze! We had some rain fall that melted the snow, and taaadaaa, all the water leaked into the basement thru the window…

We had to stop everything, call the pros and wait for it to be fixed. We had someone come fix the problem from the outside and ensure that it wouldn’t happen again- thank God- by making the drain visible and easier to maintain. We also had to call someone to look at the basement and he confirmed everything was fine. We had to let it all dry out before continuing on with the renos.

Now everything is done and taken care of, so renos will be starting again. I hate reno’s, seriously, who likes going through them, even worse living through them… I imagine the end results and get excited and know that once the basement is done it’s another living space that will be put to good use! Oh, and another floor to clean, uhg, forgot that part! LOL.


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