iPad Apps For Toddlers & Kids

In the house we have a rule about the kids playing video games or iPad games. From Mondays to Thursday the kid’s cant pick up a controller or the iPad for games, however I will allow them to play educational games or board games. I fully believe that Friday to Sunday is more then enough time to play video games. Since we got iPads for our children I have researched and downloaded apps for learning. Each child has some apps that they can use and so I thought I would share with you what apps I have been using for my kids.


Toddler Apps:

  • Train Shapes
  • ABC Song
  • Farm Animals
  • Letter Toy (Tracing of letters)
  • Memory Match
  • Wheels on Bus
  • Dot.2.Dot
  • Counting 123
  • Tracing Worksheets
  • First Word Sampler
  • Things that go together

Older Children (6+):

  • Brain Quest
  • Times Tables
  • Kids Math
  • SpelGrade 1-5
  • Fractions & Decimals

I find these apps great, and my kids are actually learning from them! These will vary depending what your child is doing in school, i.e. if my child is having trouble with fractions I will find apps just for that. I find apps a great way for kids to practice and learn. My toddler loves her iPad, to her it’s all a game’s but she’s learning at the same time! I love that! Also, my youngest, Madison loves having her turn and has already learned so many things from these apps. She’s learning her alphabet, colours and numbers already!

If you know, or use and great learning apps and want to share comment below or you can email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com


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