Valentine Date Night Ideas


Hey, so I thought I would share some ideas with you all for a nice Valentine’s Day date night! These are perfect idea’s for you and your partner to have a relaxing and memorable night. I understand that sometimes if we have kids it’s hard to have a romantic time, but these are some things you can do when the kid’s are sound asleep. Plus, most of these are budget-friendly and easy to arrange. Even if you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home, you can make it into a romantic night with your partner.

1. Dinner & a Movie

2. A weekend gateway (doesn’t have to be far!)

3. Dessert Date

4. Ship the kids out for a sleepover & plan a romantic night at home,

  • Some flowers on the table
  • His/her favourite meal with some candle light
  • Followed by dessert
  • A nice hot bubble bath in the dark with only candles on
  • Rose petals on the bed
  • A nice message with special oil
  • Express your love

5. Cook their favourite meal and set the table up in your nicest cloth’s, burn some candles and dress yourself up

6. Share your favourite dessert in candle light

7. Rent a movie and snuggle up together

8. Pour your heart into a letter to your partner and then give it to them on Valentines Day

9. Candle light bubble bath

10. Massage eachother

11. Rose petal trail to the bedroom

It’s not how much you spend that makes it more special because true love can’t be bought (:


If you have some great ideas and would like to share comment below or email me at I would love to hear them!


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