Office in a Bin

I am always working on something either for my blog, kids activites, project lists, agenda, and I hate having to go to different places to get my items that I am always using. I didn’t like of just leaving it all over the counter in the kitchen or on the eat in kitchen table. So after I use what I needed I go and put everything away. Everything now is even crazier since I had to locate my office into my bedroom until the renos are done in the basement and my office was ready. One day I was watching a vlog “organziedlikejen” by Jennifer Ross who also has a blog and she had an amazing idea of an office in a basket. So I quickly thought that would be perfect for me and what I needed so I started making a list of everything I would want to be in the bin and went out looking for the perfect basket/bin/box that would be easy to quickly move and put away when guest came, but that could also be left out for everyday use.

Here’s my storage bin


Inside it holds;

– Pencil case (pencils, pens, marker pens, sharpies, sharper, easer, post its, labels, mini stapler,)

– Blog Notebook

– My Arc agenda

– Any magazine that have come in that I want to read

– An extra note pad and notebook

– My Project Management Case

– Extra ear phones

-My Beats ear phones

-A Folder that holds the kids chore charts

-A Folder that holds anything that I am going to send out by mail or needs to be faxed

-A Folder that is not always in there but is when planning a birthday party or a special occasion that I am hosting

I love that I can have all these items together all the time and the bin just sits on one of our kitchen eat in chairs and everything is always right there at hands reach and is neatly and looks nice too. Best part is I can just take it and put it in the closet when I am having people over. So I would like to Thank Jennifer for that amazing idea and for sharing it with us all.

If you have some great ideas and would like to share comment below or email me at

Here’s the video where I got the idea from



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