I love Scentsy so much that I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant. I love how safe it is, how natural the ingredients are, and how many different designs and styles you have to choose from. I became a Consultant because it is so easy to fit it into my already busy schedule. It’s your own business, so you can set your own hours, be your own boss and work around your time and still have time for family & friends. I love that the products sell themselves so you don’t have to work hard on coming up with selling points. When you love what you do and use the products yourself it shows and it doesn’t even feel like your working. I pretty much only have to explain what each product does to those who are new to Scentsy. I also love that I can do parties around my time and schedule and when hosting these parties you meet some great people that not only became your customers but your friends. Scentsy has something for everyone.

I thought I would share with you some benefits of using Scentsy.


I also love their Bath & Body Products by Layers and let me tell you how I am in love with the Layers laundry products. My favourite laundry product is the Washer Whiffs in Ocean & Sunkissed Citrus scents. My husband’s work clothes always smell of diesel and so hard to get that smell off but with the Washer Whiffs in Ocean it isn’t so hard anymore.


If you are interested in joining my team, feel free to email me at There is 3 Brands you can join, join 1 or all 3, Scentsy, Velata, Grace Adele.


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