Basement Renos Yet Again Update

I have never had a reno be stuck on hold for so long! It seems like something always comes up! I no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel for our basement reno’s… I was so looking forward to having the basement done and using it as another living space but things keep coming up! As soon as we were ready to start reno-ing again, another problem arrived. I am so off track that we have decided to pause the reno’s… The basement is still functioning as an unfinished space for storage and a general space but it is still frustrating.

So, the update is: that we will no longer be finishing the basement. We have been talking about options and future plans and that brought us to our final decision of no longer going on with renovating the space… Even if we change our mind, reno’s would only continue next winter. Major reno’s are a huge no-no for us in the summer months. We like to enjoy the weather and take advantage of family and friend time… So, for now, that’s the update but I’ll be sure to update you again if anything changes.


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