Potty Training #4


I have had three kids to potty train, and most recently I am on my forth. I really get too see how different each of them are. Tyler, my first child was day and night potty trained at the age of two!  Kianna was only 18 months when she wanted to start using the potty, it was easy to day train her, at night it was a little more difficult. Ava, my third was just over two when potty training began, the first two days were the worst. It took one week for her to be completely done. Currently, Madison who just turned two last month has started to use the potty. Out of all my kids, she’s been the most difficult and it’s just been crazy! There have been days where Madison does well with no accidents and days where she has 1-2… It’s a little hectic when I hear Mady tell me “I pee. I pee.” And then I take her to the potty or toilet and she sits, and sits, and sits and nada! Then, minutes later she starts to cry and guess what?! She peed! It does give me a giggle because when she does have an accident she purses her lips together while she cries because she knows she was supposed to use the potty.

I was ready to throw in the towel, give up and then come back in a month or so. However, after talking to my mom and the positive words and advice I decided to continue. It’s been a week and half now and Madison finally has the hand of using the potty, even at night! I see the light, lol! Madison had a rough start, and the first night I woke her up to pee in the potty, it was hectic getting her to fall back asleep. Now, she will wake up and tell us “I pee, I pee.” She has also been able to get up during nap and use the potty-Yaay! I am so proud of all the progress Madison has made and I am so excited for her to be accident and pull-up free. All I can say, is that when you’re ready to quit and are stressed out just think the outcome in the future. Unless you see that the child isn’t ready or afraid, just keep going! If you would like to share your potty training stories or advice comment below or e-mail me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com


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