March Break Ideas

This Mach Break we’ll be inside so I thought I would share some ideas that you can do indoors with the kids. We are used to March Break being much warmer and with the warmer weather we usually do more activities… However, if you’re facing Canada-like crazy weather in the spring I have a couple family-fun things you could do! All of these don’t take much planning, and you are more than likely to have all the materials at home.

  1. Tent Building: grab some blankets cushions and/or chairs and build a tent with the kids! They love this and will be entertained for a while.
  2. Movie’s: whether you decide to grab some DVD’s or actually go to the movies, the kids will enjoy this. If you’re at home, you can do a marathon, a movie night or just do a movie and snacks. Everyone will love this, including you!
  3. Hide and seek: okay… This one is pretty self-explanatory but the kids do love this game. Plus, if you decide to be the seeker, they get really excited and it’s bound to be a good day!
  4. PJ’s & junk day: This day is a day where everyone gets to have a little more candy than usual, you’re still eating normally however this is a day where junk is permitted! You can incorporate it with a game, movie day or… just share some sweet snacks together.
  5. Dance party: put together a playlist or turn on your favourite radio station and have the kids dance around! This is a good way for you and your children to get their exercise while they’re stuck inside.
  6. Board Games: pull out the board games from the closet and play them with the kids, sitting at the dining table or getting comfy in the living room with a board game is a good activity for the family to enjoy. Plus, there are educational games that still your children brain-active, and then there are games where you have to get up and be active which is also great!

These are enough idea’s to last you a week and then have a free day! They are all fun for the kids, I have also pinned some ideas and crafts on my Pinterest account, so be sure to check those out!

If you would like to share comment below or email me at, I would love to hear them.


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