Longest Winter

Can you believe that here in Toronto, Ontario we are still having snow falls, warnings and storms?! I cannot believe that in the middle of March we are still having horrible weather! I don’t remember having this cold of weather in years! I think the last time we had a long, cold winter like this was when I was like seven! Lol. Well, Mother Nature has teased us with nice temperatures and then gives us negative temperatures the next day. I absolutely hate it! The kids and I are now counting down days to nice weather and spending one outside. I honestly can’t wait till I can wash all the winter clothes and pack it away! I usually like re-decorating around this time of year for the spring, but… It’s still the winter! Plus, we’re still stuck in our winter activates. Spring cleaning hasn’t even started yet because… ITS STILL WINTER. Once the weather starts to warm up, redecorating and cleaning will begin. So will warm-weather activities! Yaay. 


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