Madison’s 2nd Birthday Party


How much do I hate putting together a last minute birthday party??? A LOT! It’s so stressful and uncertain, and you worry about everything AND everything is rushed! Every so often it happens and I come across them, and thankfully not very often. I only plan birthdays for my babies but I honestly don’t know why I stress so much! Everything always words out but I always stress because I want everything perfect & everyone to be happy.

I can say that my last last-minute planning went well. It was a small party with family and close friends, but it was a very relaxed party. I had time to enjoy and chat with everyone. We decided that we would order pizza since I didn’t order a cake or any of the deserts. Instead of an ordered cake, we had home-made cupcakes that were chocolate and vanilla with bubble gum icing topped with pearls and gummies! The kid’s (and the adults) loved it!

I had also decided to have a sugar cookie table, this is where we laid down sugar cookie dough and we had the kids cut out their favourite shapes and decorate them as they pleased. The dough was made the night before, and in the morning it was divided into equal portions so the kids could roll out and take over. I also had the idea of an ice cream dessert table, so we set up a table with sprinkles, candy and two kinds of ice creams. Everyone got to customize their own ice cream and it was a huge hit!

Normally I would go all-out with decorations for a theme party. This time we had an appetizer’s and cupcake table with a Dora table cloth, napkins and plates. The other tables were covered in a pink or purple table cloths. Since I didn’t do a full-themed party I wanted to at least keep the colours theme related.

The cleanup at the end of the party was a breeze too! I thought the sugar cookie table would be super messy but it wasn’t! We took precautions prior to the kids using the table by putting to plastic table cloths under the table so all we had to do was roll up the table cloths and toss them! The ice cream table was actually the same table from the sugar cookies, we set up the ice cream after dinner so it worked out perfectly! There was no extra mess and it saves space.

I was super happy with how Madison’s second birthday went as it was a last minute party. Everyone had fun and it was relaxed and planned out well. Have you ever had a last minute party? If you want to share comment below or e-mail me



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