Birthday Party Ideas


I thought I would share some birthday party themes and ideas with you that I have used over the years. Some times party planning can be hard and frustrating, finding idea’s and choosing themes is stressful. Personally, I find it easier to plan for younger children because you can use common themes. However, I have put together a ideas and theme’s list based on gender and age.

Girls – 1-4yrs old:

  • First Birthday theme in pink & purple colors

  • Dora the Explorer

  • Disney Princess

  • Minnie Mouse

  • Dress up party


  • Barbie

  • Spa

  • Zebra theme

  • Beach theme

  • Baking theme

  • Karaoke Party

Boys – 1-4 old:

  • First Birthday theme with blue, light blue & green colors

  • Tonka

  • Mickey Mouse

  • Cars

5-10ys old:

  • Sport theme

  • Wrestling theme

  • Video Game theme

  • Movie theme

  • Lego theme

If you would like to share your theme or idea’s ¬†comment below or e-mail me at



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