February’s Julep Maven

Februarys Julep Box

1.Kristen #3358 Nail Polish

I love this colour, it’s a deep purple. It looks beautiful alone or with some added colour. I have applied this colour by itself and I have also done my nails with this colour and Julep Nail Polish colour “Love” just to the dons of my nails. It enhances tge colour, and adds some bling!

2.Judi #3352 Nail Polish

This is a green sparkly colour, the pigment is very nice and it has some glitter in it. It’s pigmented and does not take a lot of coats to show.

3.Love #3351 Nail Polish

I really like this colour. It’s a gold glitter colour that appliess easily. With one coat of this nail polish it gives you a subtle look, the more coats you apply on your nail the richer the colour you get. It makes a great add on to any colour!

4.Julep Eye Sheen Dusty Taupe Shimmer

I love this product! The first time I applied this to my eyes, it felt heavy. However, as it dried it felt lighter on my eye. I love that you can apply one layer and have pigmentation, or keep applying to achieve a darker look. The shimmer is a beautiful light brown-gold colour and it stays on a long time!

nail in judi and love color


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