Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul

1. Viva La Juicy Rollerball & Lip Gloss Duo

loveeeeee this duo. The lip gloss is a light shiny pink with some sparkle to it. Looks amazing and feels amazing. It’s so light weight and it smells good too. The roll on perfume smells amazing, not a strong scent and last for hours. This is my MUST have, I bring it everywhere I go.

2. Sparkle Vinyl Lip Gloss #06 Decked Out

I really like the colour of this product, it’s a berry-pink colour with shine and it’s bright, smells nice and light weight. The only thing is that it doesn’t last long at all. I know lip gloss isn’t long lasting, but I have some that actually stay on for a bit. This one seems to come right off with the touch of anything.

3. Core Bag Collection-Black Small Hanging Travel Bag

Although I haven’t actually traveled with this make up bag, I did test it out with the things I would want to bring with me if I went away. It is not a full sized travel case to hold full sized items, but it’s perfect for makeup items. The plastic inside is strong and so are the zippers. I would recommend this if travelling!

4. Lasting and Perfecting Corrector #02 Medium

I love this! I really love how it matches my skin tone perfectly. It’s double sided, one tip has a finer point and the other with a bigger one. It’s light weight and blends well without having to try hard. Another of my must haves!

5. Pitch Black All-in-1 Waterproof Eye Liner

I love this duo too… There is a brush built in at the top and the eye liner is a gel that goes on so nice and easy! It’s a gorgeous bold black. The bottom opens up and holds the eye shadow, it’s also dark but it has sparkles to blend or dress up the look. The only thing is, it smudges really fast and its hard to clean up mistakes or smudges. So, I have learned to take extra time when applying and to never touch my eyes, lol.

6. Two Tone Portfolio Brush Set

I really like how this set came with its own case. Every brush is very nice and soft. They do apply the make up well, and do the job correctly. I am happy to add them to my brush collection.

7. Color Proof Water Liquid Eye Liner #01 Black

This goes on smoothly and it’s not heavy on the eyes. Very true to its pigment.. I don’t get a “must have” reaction out of it, it’s nothing different to most liquid eye liners. However, it is a nice product but I must say I do love my Elle liquid eye liner better.

 8. Autumn Winter Collection

These are beautiful colours. They are in small bottles, however I am not completely impressed with the products. I find that some colours take more coats than others, and if you only added one coat you could still see your nail.  The only thing with applying many coats is that it takes much longer to dry and sometimes it didn’t dry correctly so smudges and nics happened after doing my nails.

I made a YouTube video with closer shots of the products from this Sephora Haul, make sure you check it out here 


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