Shopper’s Haul Part 2

Shoppers Drug Mart Haul Review

12. Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops:

I have used this product and it works well! When you have a lot of design on your nail it dries everything up relatively quick, if you just have just a simple two coat of polish on, it leaves your nails looking glossy and fresh. I only use a drop on each nail if it is just a plain look, if I go all out with designs then two drops on each nail just to be sure.

13. Quo Emery Board:
This is the first time I am using a Quo nail file and I like it! I find that it is hard to find a good nail file but this is definitely a file that I want to keep, I reach for it every time I cut my nails!

14. Essence Brand Eye shadow Base:
O-M-G! I love this product! I really haven’t used an eye shadow base since my wedding day due to the fact that I didn’t like how heavy it felt. However, this one is so light you cant even feel it on your eyes, and it shows the real pigmentation of the colour you put on your eyes. It also holds the colour on your eyes and doesn’t fade!

15.   Essence Brand XXXL Shine Lipgloss #23 Dazzle Glow:
This is a very lightweight lip gloss that is super shiny with sparkles. The sparkles aren’t over powering, but just right! I love that it can be used in a causal everyday look or add it on top of a lip colour to make it stand out. Another one to add to my collection!

16. Essence Brand Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara in Black:
It isn’t my favourite, but for the price it does work nice. Wouldn’t say that it’s my reach for Mascara

17. Eco Lip Balm Honeysuckle Honeydew:
Okay, so I have tried this brand of lipbalm before and it is my all time fav! I always have one with me, and I in every place I regularly use (car, purse, my makeup case, bedside table drawer, etc…) But I like trying all of them, and I really like how this one smells! It’s not heavy nor overpowering, definitely subtle but refreshing.

18. Eco Lip Balm Summer Fruit:
I used this one a couple times but the scent is too much for me, it is still really nice but my oldest daughter, Kianna has put better use to it than me. She loves it and likes the scent!

19. Essence 3D Eye shadow #03 Irresistible First Love:
I love this colour pallet! It has a beautiful light shiny pink and a silver tone and they both have a really nice sparkly finish because of the hint of glitter it has. Both these colours looks amazing together. I applied the pink to the bottom of my eye lid and the silver to my brow line and to blend with the pink. This is another one I am adding to my must-haves!

20. Essence 3D Eyeshadow #04 Irresistible Caramel Cream
It’s so pretty, you can use it on a normal day, with just one layer of the lighter brownish gold colour all over the eye. You can dress it up with the lighter colour on ur upper lid and the darker brownish-goldish colour at the bottom. I did have to apply the darker colour on a few times to get the actual colour, but it is a long lasting colour. I am enjoying this as apart of my eye shadow collection.

21. Essence Nail Art Stickers:
I have been using these as they’re nice. They aren’t the easiest to get off the sheet like most adhesive’s for nails but they do add a nice finishing touch to the nails.

22. Essence French Glam Nail Stickers:

I like the look but they are the same as the other nail art stickers with the issues of trying to take them off their sheet, the break apart easy.


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