Yayyyyy! Spring is here, although I must say it’s not really weather wise… lol. Here in Ontario, spring weather has only made a couple appearances teasing us. However, the snow has stopped and it’s slowly starting to look like spring. Spring is a great time of year to clean up and freshen up the house, I have to admit that the spring cleaning has not started yet. The spring cleaning for us usually starts with washing the windows and leaving them open. I love having the windows open to air out the house when spring weather arrives. I have, however, started organizing projects such as organizing hallways closets, bathroom cupboards, & kitchen cupboards. Normally by now there would have been much more done but with ups and downs of the weather there has been little progress… April is usually the month that all the winter gear is washed and packed up- but again, this crazy weather prevents us from doing this.


As I keep checking the calendar, I realize that warmer weather is coming and getting better. I have given myself a list of new de-cluttering tasks. I am also making lists of all the Spring Cleaning projects that I want done. Once I have completed them I will update and share with you how I did them. I like to plan everything out, I have always been like this and find that I need to do it even more with four kids as I won’t be able to complete everything in a day- which is ok, one room at a time and one job at a time. Whatever can get done will and if I have to continue later on in the day or another day so be it.


If you would like to share you ways or ideas for spring cleaning comment below or email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com I always love hearing other ideas & ways.



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