Peaches, Our Family Dog




This is Peaches our family dog, we love her sooooo much! Peaches is 12 years old and is a Jack Russell Terrier. She is a great dog and great with kids. I got Peaches in April 2002 before I got married and before having any kids. Peaches was full of energy when we first got her, a little crazy I would say, lol! Peaches for the longest time could not be without a leash or she would take off when outdoors. There was a time I thought: OMG what have I done? However, with lots of training and always on top of her she learned and the bad habit was gone. She is very protective of the kids and I, and she is not afraid to show you. Especially if she thinks our safety is in anyway compromised… I remember when my first born, Tyler, was born and she was a little jealous but never tired anything on the baby. She did bite my husband, actually  now that I think about, it was probably both jealously and a sense of protection over Tyler.  Peaches is great with babies and kids, she has never turned on any of my children even though at times they would pull her tail,  ears, or poke her in the eye with their finger when they were babies. She would either just walk away or stay there and just bark to signal that she was annoyed. I love her like one of my children! She is always around, always following me, and even when I am busy doing something she’s got one eye on me. I get sad at times when I think of her age especially since I know animals only last until a certain age and with her getting closer to that number, I know that someday she will be gone. Our family will be heart broken and I know it will be very hard for us. I always tear up when I think about Peaches passing, but then she comes up to me and I soon put that thought away. I am very thankful that she is still here in our family.


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