Update on My Project Management Book

Hello all my friends!

So, I know I never posted an updated post on how I use my Project Management Book or the updated look of it and that’s because I mainly started that to use for my basement renos and other home projects. As you are aware, if you read my update on basement renos, that project has gone down the drain due to many setbacks… Once we were ready to continue on we made some changes (which I am not ready to share yet, but will when the time is right) came into play. So currently, I am not using it but will be shortly. I am going to take some time to think of a new use for it but still keep it as my Project Management Book, but for oncoming project which will be announced soon.

I find that Project Management Books don’t have to be used only for renos, they can be used for many different things. Some examples; little project plans, planning vacations, planning a move, or even just plain to-do lists. For that I would list all my “To Do’s” in one section that you can do one at a time when you have the chance. That way you still get it all done but in a spaced-out manner and without feeling overwhelmed. So, I still love my book and would recommend it to everyone.

I will be posting a new use for my Project Management Book soon and will include a blog post with all the details, so stay tuned.


Do you have a Project Management Book? I would love to hear what you use yours for so if you would like to share comment below or email me @ realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com


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