Review on Sidekicks



I always wonder about these Sidekicks shoes that I heard & saw on T.V., I always saw them and thought I should give these a try someday, well on the last shopping trip (back in May) to get things for my daughter Kianna’s communion I once again ran into the display of them and thought today is the day lol.  I honestly haven’t gone out anywhere lately where I needed to change into these, but I wanted to test them out and see how good they are, so I decided to put them on around the house and see for myself if I could relay on them. I did have second thoughts of them when I heard about them but I must say those are gone. They are very flexible so when you wear them for an amount of time they still very easily fold back so that they are compact to fit back in their bag. I also tired not putting them back in their bags and sliping them into my little bag and they fit nicely. I wouldn’t have done that if I wore them outside tho, with all the gems the grounds have in many places I wouldn’t want them all over my things, but just thought of testing that part out as well. They are true to size, these are a medium 7/8 and I am a size 7 and they are perfect. They are very comfy and feel like slippers which you would want if your fit are sore from wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes. Now I wouldn’t recommend them to be used everyday in all your outings as regular shoes as  you would wear thru it easily, but a good for getting out of your high heels or uncomfortable shoes. I love that it comes in it’s own bag so very easy to throw in your bag or car. I keep mine in my car cause you just never know when they will come in handy.  I also love that they are so light weight. They also have these in flip flops. The sizes I saw that they come in are Small, Medium, & Large.  I wear heels anytime I can, as being a mommy of 4 that doesn’t happen often so when I do I always go all out in the heel department but later pay the price and at times forget to bring extra shoes, well that won’t be the case anymore and I am so happy with my purchase. I am evening thinking of adding the flip flop one to my collection, LOL.




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