Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Schedules



Hello again,

I thought I would share our weekly and monthly cleaning schedule list to go along with my other blog post of our cleaning schedule.


Deep Clean of whole house (includes vacuuming & mopping)

Yard (my husband maintains most of the front and backyard but I like to care for the flowers and smaller plants)


Basement (since it is unfinished I don’t clean it very often)


Light fixtures

Behind the stove and fridge

Any reorganizing of any closet, cupboard, & drawer that seems to be getting unorganized

For our toy room the floor is ABC matts that are vacuum daily and washed when I wash the floors. I do a deep clean of the toy room and that means removing everything out of the toy room and vacuuming then mops floors, cleaning of matts and placing them back then as I am putting the toy room back together I clean what is going back in. This is also the time I go thru all toys and toss or donate.

As for our walls,  spot clean as soon as we catch any spots but as for a full clean of walls yeah hmmmm, lol they get fully cleaned during spring cleaning time and then for fall/winter cleaning.

I find that I needed to place these schedules in order for me not to feel overwhelmed with the amount of to do’s. Let’s face it a family of six a home will always have something to do and something to clean. With keeping on top of it I feel that it keeps everything running smoothly and you can get things done faster without feeling overwhelmed. Trust me I know how life can throw things at you where you can’t keep to your daily tasks, things come up, kids get sick, we get sick, but if you stick with it that when there are times you can’t it won’t be overly crazy to get back into or done when your back and ready to it. I am no expect or saying that this will work for you I am just sharing what is working for us.

If you want to check out my daily cleaning schedule you can find it here.

If you would like to share your schedule comment below or email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com


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