Back to School Already???



OMG is it really that time of year again??? I don’t know why this time is so different for me, usually I am ready to have them back to school and into normal routines so that I can take a breather. This year I’m not having that feeling at all. I feel that with the move we have been so busy and doing things with the kids and projects around the house time/days/months have flown by and I am so wanting it to last longer. I have also changed my look on summer break, I use to feel overwhelmed and hard to balance everything and had more go go days then anything else. This summer I decided to keep the pace relaxed as much as possible. Yes, with 4 kids sometimes it isn’t always, but I can try for the most part to let go of the little things and just go with the flow. More so this summer, has we have moved to a different city which we love and it’s beautiful here. A new house takes time to complete all areas you want done with cleaning/unpacking/settling/painting/house projects and with 4 kids even longer. So on those not so nice days I would start a project from my list and if there were a few of those rainy not so nice weather days in a role I would plan it so that a project one day, fun day with the girls another day so that it wouldn’t leave them bored or feel that I was always too busy. I find that when my kids are bored, especially Ava and Mady then that’s where the “is it bedtime yet?” days kicked in. I always insured that I had some project for them, like colouring, bring out toys that they haven’t played with in awhile out or even having them do something apart of my project that would keep them from acting up. My kids love to be doing something with me, so tho it might not be the exact way I want it done (which I have learned over yrs to accept) I let them play their role in helping and if that means I will need to fix it at a later date when I have time then that’s what it is.

Tyler, (11yrs old) has been enjoying his summer hanging with Dad at work and learning new things, I miss that he isn’t always home, but I love that once I tell him mama misses you or wants you home, he always stays home to make me happy and that’s where we spend time together and also he gets to do other things that he enjoys. It’s also great for him to see how hard his dad works and it’s great bonding time for them. Kianna (7yrs old), Ava (3 1/2 yrs old) and Madison (2 1/2yrs old) have been enjoying summer, with lazy pj days, playdates, helping mommy, relaxing backyard play time, movie dates, baking, and also fun girlie things like make-up play, doing nails, etc… I am really going to miss this and don’t want it to be Back to School time (frown face on). Ava is starting JK this year and it’s like “WHAT” already (another frown face). Ava is so ready and excited to go but mama isn’t on the same boat. Though days can sometimes be hard and some days it’s like “is it bedtime yet” when it’s not even noon yet and some weeks have more days of that then good ones I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved this summer (not the weather has we haven’t had a real summer like in the past) but the mind changing,  less crazy days & less mama going nuts days. On those rough days where I thought I wasn’t going to make it without losing my mind, comes a “goodnight mommy” ,”love you mommy” and the biggest hugs and kisses that erases the crazy day and makes every feeling and every crazy moment worth everything we do & go thru as MOMS worth it. I have had some many summers when I’m ready for them to go back in July lol, but not this year. Wished we could have a longer summer break this time.

Are you kids ready for back to school? Is school shopping & preparing all done?

I will be posting a blog post soon on how I prepare myself and the kids for back to school soon.


If you would like to share your summer with me I would love to hear it, comment below or email me at



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  1. It can a minute to get back to the swings of things for me to get back to college aftter vacation but I am sure parents who getting their kids back to school have a more of a tough time.

    1. Yes, it was easier with 2 kids to jump right back in the swing of things then it is now with 4. Now that I don’t want summer break to end the getting back to the swing isn’t my problem it’s letting them go lol. Thanks for sharing

  2. Laurel Bill says:

    Our granddaughters (ages 8 and 10) are heading back to school next week. They are so excited … and their mommy is soooo happy!

    1. If you asked me last summer, that was actually how I was feeling, lol

  3. I am in shock myself! I am not ready!

    1. It sure went too fast this year

  4. The last fleeting days of summer as always a little sad.

  5. Marguerite says:

    I remember being so excited for the first day of school. Now I’m graduated with no kids I feel so out of the loop…

  6. Being a parent you always look forward to back to school time. After about a month of the kids saying “I’m bored” they now have something to do.

    1. True usually but this year was different and I am kinda sad it’s that time again

  7. My son is ten and he has really enjoyed his vacations. He was really looking forward to them this year. It’s still two weeks to go before he needs to get back to school. How the time flies!

    1. Thanks for sharing. We all couldn’t wait for summer after the long hard winter we had and in a blink of an eye it went so fast.

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