Party Planning

It’s complete party planning mode this week in my house. Since we moved and haven’t really had a “New Home” get together yet, which is so hard to put together when in the middle of setting in, painting, everyday life, etc… I haven’t had time to really do or plan much ahead of time like I normally do.  Kianna’s birthday is this week and we were going to just keep it small, but then I got the idea of doing Kianna’s Birthday/New Home BBQ for our family & friends, 2 in 1 party. With summer almost over and back to school coming around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time just to do both parties together.  When we decided to go ahead with the plan there wasn’t anytime to look for invitations and send them out so instead I sent out text messages and called all of our guests which was 2 weeks ago which included an RSVP date of this past Saturday. Everyone was awesome and RSVP’d fast, so Saturday night I completed my guest list and numbers. As for theme, since it’s Kianna’s birthday I let her pick the theme and she picked “Beach/Summer Fun” which is good with me. We have done this theme in the past but there was more water activities planned, this time there will not be due the the weather being way off and lately getting more early fall weather then summer.

The day I sent the messages to everyone I sat down and started planning menu; appetizers, main course, & dessert. I also went on Pinterest and started looking for ideas, which you can click here to check out. I am only able to pull this off with short timing because I start right away with lists and don’t stop the party planning until most of the ideas, to do’s, etc… is all written down. I have a pocket size notebook that I use along with my agenda and I plan and write everything down. I also turn to writing out plans instead of typing them out on the laptop or cell phone because it makes me more on top of things and less likely to forgot important things which with 4 kids I forget a lot, lol. I also use post it notes for lists (i.e. to buy, to do,) I love crossing out tasks when completed, lol. I also set my calendar on my phone with important notes with a reminder alarm always even when I am not in planning mode. I love my agenda and use it for everything (currently using a pink A5), but being a mom of 4 I also tend to forget a lot and that’s where the reminder alarms on my phone come in handy. The week before the party I also sat with my agenda and party planning notebook to plan out the week with everything needed to do, buy, make, and any ideas I need to look into.  It’s a lot normally when planning any party, but it is worth it in the end. I also have amazing family & friends who always offer to bring something so that helps with the load. Bringing family and friends together and enjoying time with them and making memories is what is the most important.


I thought I would share with you my planned out week


Look into any ideas I made notes on and deicide which ones we will be doing

Make a list of anything that is needed to buy for the ideas picked

Review the menu list and pick out any recipes needed for them



Go thru party supplies & decorations on hand, leave out what is needed

Make another list of any party things needed to buy

Pull out party trays & dishes from storage for the party



Shopping Day for all decorations food & baking items (that can be stored in the cupboard or fridge without going bad (i.e.. chips, ingredients, crackers, etc..)

Pick up small cake for tomorrow


Put away laundry

Get hubby to cut grass



Happy 8th Birthday Kianna!

Quick dinner

Change bedsheets

Clean upstairs (top floor)-bedrooms,bathrooms, laundry room, hallway, vacuum, mop bathroom floors)

Take birthday girl Shopping

Movie date with the birthday girl

Clean front porch

Clean patio furniture



Grocery shopping for party

Prepare any appetizers, snacks, and desserts that need to be in the fridge to be cold for party

Clean main floor (office, entry, dinning room, living room, hallway, kitchen)


Mop floors

Change Scentsy wax thru out the house

Paint Girl’s nails (Kianna, Ava, Madison, & myself)

Make anything that can be made ahead of time

Wash all fruits and veggies

Season meat and put in fridge

Tidy up kitchen

Setup all trays, dishes, platters where they will be & leave unopened items that will go in them on top go the dish (for whatever doesn’t need to be in the fridge)

Setup tables, chairs, table cloths

Fill fridge with some drinks (the rest will be in coolers in the morning)

Leave all notes on the counter (to do, forgot, must)

Prepare coffee machine for the morning (REMINDER: MAKE IT STRONG, LOL)

Lay out everyone’s outfits for the party

Put away everything that needs to go back into the basement




Get hubby to pick up ice and fill the coolers and drink bins

Send hubby to pick up any last min things


Setup backyard

Quick tidy up around the house

Quick vacuum

Dress girls & do their hair

Me time- to get ready

Prepare all food for party from the appetizers to the desserts

Welcome guests


If on any of these days I have room to complete something else I will so then it’s is one less thing to do on the day it was planned. I will share photos from the party so stay tuned for that.


If you would like to share your party planning ideas comment below or email me at


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