Back to School Prep

As promised in my blog post “Back to School Already???”  I had said that I would share how I prepare for my kids for back to school.  The preparing starts in July that way I am less stressed about it. I used to only have to prepare lists for Tyler (11) and Kianna (8) but this year Ava (3 1/2) will be heading off this September too. This is going to be a long blog post so lets get right to it.

In the last 2 weeks of July, I create post it notes for each of my kids. This year I made one from Madison (2 1/2) as well not that she will be going to school but for what she will need for Fall. My forces tho is on the lists that must be done first which are 3 (Tyler’s, Kianna’s, & Ava’s). Those lists start with clothes, underwear, socks, shoes. I take one day and do a go thru it all and see what they need and what the might need (those might need get a *). With there being 3 to buy for that could rank the $$$ way up in one shot so I do it in pace. I look for sales and and buy what’s on the lists. The items on the list that have the (*) I leave until about the last 2 weeks in August and by then I know for sure if those items will be needed or not.

For school supplies I have learned my lesson over the years, I use to go crazy and buy everything and waste tons of money and lots wouldn’t be needed. Plus the first week of school the teacher always sends general letters to parents on what supplies they will need. So now I buy the basics first and when I catch them on sale. I start to buy supplies in the first 2 weeks of August. Basics here vary as I have children in different grades, but those are what I buy and also buy back up to have on hand in case (something breaks, gets lost). After I receive the letter from the teacher I then go thru and anything they don’t have and I go out and buy those. I do allow them to get a few extras, things that they may want just to have or they like and also do the same in clothing shopping.

The last week of August is also the time I put together “Homework Supplies” for home and that is also another reason I buy extra of things. I fill the homework supplies bin with: crayons, markers, pencil crayons, glue, scissors, ruler, calculator, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, lined paper, blank paper & construction paper. In case someone forgets their things there is back up. I usually always have things for Arts N Crafts anyways but those are kept else where. The “Homework Supply” bin is kept in our main floor closet shelf. (Pictures of the homework bin will be posted shortly) I also have a magazine holder which holds file folders with each kids name, which we use for school notes that need to be reviewed, signed, or looked into. I go thru them everyday and take care of anything that needs attention. I also file their monthly calendars in those folders so I can easily check anything from them. In my agenda, each child’s events, activities, or anything important from their calendar gets marked in my agenda or from news letters they receive. Each child is written in a different colour to stand out. I went all out on my agenda recently and bought an Erin Condren Life Planner which I am very excited to start using, I think the room it gives will be perfect fit for my new needs.  I am hoping to start using it by next week so that I can share & review what I think of it with you soon. Also in the last week of August their school back packs get prepare with all supplies, indoor shoes, tissue box for class, & their lunch bags so that in this time if there is something we forgot there is still time to go out and get it, which does not happen often. The last week of August is also when I start the kids on school time routine, so they start going to bed on time and waking up early so they are ready for when school starts. They will still get a night here and there where their bedtime might not go as planned but I feel that’s ok because it is still summer break and they need to enjoy but for the most part it will be in order so that it won’t be as rough to get use to once school starts. I also stick to this bedtime rule even tho some may think it’s crazy because I have researched and studies show how much children benefit from sleep and being well rested.

Yes lots to do in the last week of August in our room, but if I didn’t plan ahead how much more crazier would it be? So this is why I plan ahead, saves me lots of headache and believe it or not there is still time for fun times, outings, and activities for their last week before heading off to school.

One more thing, I mentioned Madison gets a list and that has no rush to get done as her list mainly consist of what she will need for the fall which I plan on shopping for in September after the mad rush of  back to school has ended. I just figured I have the time to do it for her to when I do the others so why not.

I will be posting pictures to go along with this blog post next week sometime. I am thinking of changing my magazine holder to a prettier one and also deicide on it’s location. I know I want it in the kitchen and where the kids can access it easily, but the one I have does not go or sit well in my new kitchen, LOL. The homework bin is a clear container which the girls have asked if they could decorate it so I am thinking of them doing that next week. So once I got everything together I will be sharing.


If you would like to share your back to school preparation comment below or email me at





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