April’s Review of Products

I haven’t done product reviews in awhile so I thought I would do some on the following items that I have gotten in the past few months. Here we go!

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie- OMG! I am SO in love with this perfume. The bottle is pretty, love the color. The scent is just amazing. It’s got a bit of a flower scent but not over powering (I usually don’t like flower smelling anything, LOL). It’s fresh and has a burst of citrus mixed in. The scent is long lasting.

Essie nail polish- Review is not on the color as I have bought a few different colors and just love them, so more on how they work.. They apply easily, drys fast, and the color of each one is true to the color you see. I always apply 2 coats. This brand is pretty pricey for nail polish but after seeing how amazing they are and how true the color is without having to apply so many coats & how fast it drys (mother of 4) if I am lucky to paint my nails I need them to dry fast, LOL,  It’s so worth the price.

NYX Lipstick in Castle- I am in love with the color, it’s a light lilac color with some sparkle to it. Goes on nice and smooth, the moisture is almost like a lip gloss but without the glossiness. You could wear it causal or when your going all out for an event. The last isn’t for hours if you are drinking and eating so be sure to take it with you to reapply.

QUO Brush Cleaner- This is a nice product to use on your brushes, it really cleans them and leaves them soft. I spray 1-2 sprays depending on brush size and work into a leather you instantly see the make up coming off them. Once done I rinse and set aside to dry. Once dried I don’t even need to go over the brush to make them soft or back to original state. It drys soft and leaves them ready to use again.

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Lotion– I love this scent, it wakes me up in the morning after a shower you smell amazing and don’t even need to apply perfume. In the evening it leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. It moisturizes your skin while leaving you smelling great. It’s a solid lotion but not too thick.

It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette- Judy is a vlogger on youtube who’s got amazing channels, check her out you will love it. I ordered this pallet after watching her beauty channel on youtube and loved the different looks she would create. I thought I would give it a shot and I am glad I did as they were limited stock. As you can see in the pic below I use more of the natural tones. I love them all, they apply easy, last a long time. and can make even a simple look, look beautiful. You do not need to apply alot of the color and they also blend easily.

Avon Makeup Remover Wipes- The work great, removes all makeup without over dying your skin. You only need one wipe to remove a full face of makeup. They are affordable and leave your face feeling clean and refreshed.





PicMonkey Collage


The above review is my personal opinion.


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