Easter is here!

This week we have been doing many Easter crafts, coloring eggs, coloring Easter pictures, reading Easter books and talking about how Jesus died for us. I love all things about Easter, spending time with family and friends, going to mass, doing fun Easter crafts with the kids and of course baking. We normally don’t do much Good Friday, it’s more of hanging out and relaxing type of day. We do stop everything and turn everything off at 3pm to pray and remember the true meaning of Easter. Since this year renos are still happening over here we are taking Saturday to just bake and do fun things. Normally I would host a dinner on Saturday. Saturday night after all the kids go to bed, I setup their Easter gifts on the kitchen table and setup the Egg hunt. This year however my 4 year old will be at my brother’s for a sleep over so the Easter egg hunt will happen Monday morning instead of Sunday morning. Love seeing their faces on Easter morning when they see what the “Easter bunny” bought them. After opening of gifts and a good breakfast we are off to Church and then having our Easter lunch at my mom’s place.

I have some fun Easter ideas on Pinterest you can check out here.

Thought I would share a bit of what we do on Easter. If you would like to share your traditions or fun ideas comment below, I would love to hear them.

Wishing you all who celebrate Easter a Happy & Blessed one.


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