Checking In

Hey Guys,

Yes it’s been so long since I did a real blog post but there are many reasons for that. I took on blogging as a hobby and would post here and there, but I really enjoyed posting and sharing things with you all that I decided I would do it more often. Well that was before the decision of moving of course, but I thought I could take it all on. Well, as it turns out it was too much for me to fit in and every time I decided that I was ready to jump back in something would come up or a couple things all at once, some took longer then others. As I posted after the move to Caledon I really thought that this time I was returning to regularly posting, but it didn’t happen. We were so busy with unpacking and get settled then the kids were home for summer, decorating and painting the empty rooms (I got lots of posts to share), the kids went back to school and it was Ava’s first year starting school which I have a blog post on, renos started in our home first was the basement. Once the kids got settled back to school and we all got into schedule the holiday season started. This holiday season was very different for me and my family as we had a very ill family member so that just threw everything off, as family is the MOST important thing to me. The New Year came and that family member was getting better (Thank God) and off back to school from the holidays came.  Then the basement reno got put on hold because we had more ideas of changes on the main floor of our home that we wanted done and since that is our most used space, we decided to put a hold on the basement renos and complete the main floor.  I was so overwhelmed with the dust and areas being moved and jammed things as we awaited the renos to be complete. The rooms that were worked on was my office which is on the main floor. Coffered ceiling with pot lights, removing popcorn ceiling, custom built in items, new paint and new decor. I am so happy and loved the idea of it until it all started and the mess and moving around things were starting to blow me away, lol. The foyer was also another area that was in construction for removing the popcorn ceiling, adding a new design with Coffered ceiling, pot lights and other light fixtures. So this was all so overwhelming for me, I don’t deal well with dust, mess, items and furniture out of place very well, I just kept reminding myself it will be over soon and I am gonna love it.

The renos in those areas are done, and I am loving the new look. The foyer is complete with paint and decor. In the future we are going to be changing the glass in our front doors of the house. The office reno is done, but there are somethings still needed ex: shelves, some decor, storage solution, etc… so with that I don’t want to revel it yet. Stay tuned for the tour of the new office and foyer which will be coming once I have the office more put together the way I like.

If you would like to share some office storage ideas for paper & supplies please comment below. I would love to hear and see them.


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