My Home Businesses Update

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? or Have you ever felt the need for change?

3 years ago I signed up to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant and I loved it, I had such a great time meeting new people who have become good friends, I could work around my schedule and my family’s, I could work in the comfort of my own home and still be home with Madison (3yrs old). I also decided to join Avon last fall. About 2 months ago I was thinking of dropping my home businesses, it was very hard decision and went back and forth on it. I came to the decision of letting them go, I have hit the stage of change, with Madison starting school in September 2016, and with many other changes I am planning on I realized that I will need to focus on those plans in order for me to accomplish what I want . I am a stay at home mom of 4, and realized that sometimes I take on way more then I should. With 4 kids already things can get crazy and finding time for things gets hard. One of my plans is to be more on top of my blog and figure out a blog schedule and learning more programs. I really enjoying it. I am thinking of creating a personal goal list for what I would like to accomplish and what changes need to be made, and keeping it in my agenda so that I am consistently reminded of them in case I fall off the ball wagon.

I know I don’t have to share this information for you all but I want to, I started my blog for the reason of sharing it may help someone, may help with ideas, some can relate &/or I may get ideas and helpful tips from readers from their comments.

I must stay I am grateful that I started with these companies and they are great companies to be apart of. If it wasn’t for being with these companies I wouldn’t have meet some great people who some are actually my great friends until this day.


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