Product Review

Hi all, here is another product review.

Sweet Pea body lotion from Bath & Body Works– I am in love with this scent, so much so I went to Bath & Body 2 weeks ago and bought the lotion and the body spray again. I always feel amazing when I apply it to my body after a shower, even on my tired feeling mornings I will jump in the shower and then apply my lotion and I get an instant wake up amazing feel. The lotion goes on smoothly and you don’t need to apply lot to get the mostiure. It’s not a thick cream like a body cream so if you have rough skin areas you would need a body cream which would be thicker. I would recommend it to anyone. The scent is just amazing. This is my second post review on this product, that’s how much I love it.

Avon Step 2 Clearskin Professional Clarifying Toner Pads – My face skin type requires me to often change my face care products, once my face starts getting use to the product it stops working as good as it did. With that said I often change my face care products and at times even try something new that I wouldn’t normally go for like the Avon face products. I bought the 3 care steps of this product from Avon from their Clearskin Professional line.  Since I don’t use them all in the same amount I still have step 1 and 3 to finish. Step 1, is a face wash which I am almost done with and will be in my next review. Step 3 of the product I don’t use much so I have a lot of left still & since I like to really use the product before I do a review I will wait until it’s done to do a review on it.

Now, Step 2 is like using a toner, but without the toner bottle. This product already comes with the pads that have the toner on it. I used it everynight after I wash my face with the Avon Step 1 product. The pads are well moist and you will need a few mins after wiping your face for it to dry. It did not leave my face dry or irritated. It feels refreshing after applying.  I would recommend this product to use even without purchasing the other steps. If you are looking for a simple, budget friendly toner that works then this could be for you.

Avon Anew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream- I used this product until the very last drop. Since I have had a great experience with this face cream I have moved on to Avon’s other face creams they offer (for the reason that I can not always use the same product). It is thick, has a very light refreshing scent. You only need a little on your finger and it goes along way. This product did not irritate my face and left it nice and smooth.

Maybelline Duo Eyeliner- Ok, so for this product I will not be buying it again, I hated it. That doesn’t mean that it wont work for someone else, but for me total fail. I had to keep applying to get the coverage I wanted, made so many mistakes, took up way too much time to apply. A lot of times my liner would be thicker then usual for the many times I had to go over the line. The feel of the brush when applying I also did not like. This is my opinion that goes with my experience with this item. I have purchased it before in the past and did not like it, but thought I would give it another try when I have more time to apply makeup, which with 4 kids it does not happen often, lol. With the second time being a fail I have decided to just toss it and that’s the end of it with me.

All opinions are my own and by no means am I stating that they will work for you or won’t as everyone has different skin types that may or may not like these products.

I am always looking to try new face products as I often have to change mine so if you would like to share yours with me comment below or send me an email to

Also, I love trying new makeup products so if you want to share your favorites, I would love to hear.


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