Kianna’s Room Makeover

Kianna's room pic college 1

My almost 9 year old was beyond excited when we moved into our new home last June 2014 that she would no longer have to share a bedroom with her younger sister. Kianna got to pick out a lot for her new room, she decided on the bedding and most of the decor pieces that we bought. She also helped pick out her room color. When we moved out of our old house, we threw out her bedroom set along with many of the decor pieces she had as she wanted a “New Room” from colors, bedding to furniture.  Her new room was white with carpet and a nice size basic closet, that was all about to change.

We originally started shopping for some decor pieces and bedding before the makeover even begun.  When Kianna picked out her first bedding items it was a zebra print comforter with pillow shams. We had purchased a double because at the time we thought we were going to buy the bed in double, but as it turns out we fell in love with a headboard which only came in queen. We went back to exchange the bedding for queen size and our luck no more queen size at any store locations. Kianna ended up picking out a black comforter with ruffles which we loved better and I know will be used longer as I thought she may get sick of the zebra print after awhile. Her paint color originally picked also changed a bit from the above picture.

Here is the mess of her room being emptied out into the hallway and some other pictures from the process.

Kiannas room makeover before
Kiannas room 3

I LOVE the turn out of the room, I think it goes perfect with her personality. I love the fact that she had a lot of involvement in everything. Most of all, I love that she loves it & is so happy with her room. I believe she can grow many years in this room before wanting to change it. Also, going with the pieces of zebra print here and there instead of the bedding will make this room last many years with her before another change. The furniture pieces will also grow with her as she gets older. As a second pair of bedsheets, we got hot pink so that in between washes she has a second set to put on that also isn’t zebra print but goes nicely with her room.

Kianna's Room pic 2

20140717_233204I love her new built in closet, so much room for her clothes and her items she would like to keep away from her younger sisters. Also, there is room for books, her play makeup and much more.

All the work done to her room was done by my husband. We are so lucky he is handy, creative and happy to do the work.

So here it is, Kianna’s new room:

Kiannas room complete

Comment below and let me know what you think. If you would like to share you room makeovers or ideas comment below or email me at


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