Mason Jar DIY

mason jar project 1

This is the easiest DIY project I have ever done. Simply & easy and with 4 kids that really matters as it’s summer here and school is out so my project and craft time is in the late evening when my 4 1/2 year old & 3 1/2 year old are in bed. I was searching Pinterest for mason jar ideas as I wanted to do something cute for summer that could be used in our parties/bbq’s/get togethers. I actually think it could be used all year round. You can find my Pinterest board hereAs you can see mine is very different then what I have pinned but I got the inspiration for mine from that one pin.

All supplies were bought from Michael’s & Dollarama. The mason jars were bought from Dollarama, the craft paint & brushes as well. All I did for this DIY was take the lids off from the jars and painted them. They needed about 3 coats of the craft paint to get the lids well painted. While the paint was drying I got the chalk board tags and started drawing the utensil picture for each jar with a chalk crayon. I let the lids dry over night to insure that they were 100% dry before putting them back on the jars to avoid it getting stuck. I found the piece where the mason jars are sitting in at Michael’s, I thought it was so cute. It’s actually for flowers and comes with a plastic lining in the inside which I left to keep the base easy to clean. The chalk board tags where also from Michael’s. You can check out my blog posts from hauls for these items here and here.

mason jar project 2

The chalk board tags are not tied around the jars, instead the are folded over the rim of the jars and then the lid on top. I think this is so useful for parties and get togethers and looks so cute and can be carried anywhere. You can also write the utensil name instead of drawing the picture. I will for sure be always using this in our Spring & Summer season for all occasions even simple everyday times like eating outside just us as a family.

mason jar project 3

I love see new diy & craft ideas, if you want to share yours comment below or email me at


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  1. Glitz says:

    I love it!! Love the Tiffany blue colour ❤

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