Dinning Room 

For our dinning room, it was an easy do compared to others that we have & are currently doing because it was bare and empty. We changed the standard light to a prettier one, bought at Costco, added color to the walls, hubby did the wall with the windows in a white sprinkle stone. The hardest part was the shopping for the furniture & decor. I knew that I didn’t want all matching dinning room set & since I knew I would be looking for espresso dinning table I deicided to shop for the console piece first. The decor pieces for the console dresser was bought the same day as I was lucky to find them. Then came the dinning table, chairs & rug which was purchased at Leons. Next which took longer to find was the curtains as I wanted the perfect ones in grey & I needed really long ones since we have 9ft ceilings. I scored them on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

dinningroom pic 1

Here it is, all completed.

dinning room 2

dinningroom 3I got a lot of ideas from watching  HGTV and browsing Pinterest. It was a matter of picking the perfect color and searching for exactly what I wanted in decor, color scheme, furniture and put it all together.

Furniture & decor pieces where bought at the following stores/places:
Bed Bath & Beyond
Home Depot

Comment below and let me know what you think. If you would like to share your room makeovers comment below or email me at realhousewifeandmom@gmail.com


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