Updated Kids Art Wall

Back when I was living in Cambridge I decided to have a Kids Art Wall that is simple and easy to change the art pieces time to time. You can find that post here.

Now that we moved I didn’t know where to have that space in the new house. It has taken me a while to figure it where. I wanted it some where we can always see and also a place where others can when they visit. So I decided to place it in the kitchen again. We spend a lot of time there and when visitors are over we always gather in the kitchen. The only reason I was back and forth on having it in the kitchen is because the wall space left to place it isn’t has wide as the Cambridge house.
Well here it is and I love it and so do the kidsupdated kids art wall
It works the same way where all of the kids special art pieces can be displayed and when new art comes in we switch out an old one or leave the old one in behind the new one. Instead of a flat straight wall for our display art work this one is a L-shape wall.

How do you display your kids art work? I would love to see your ideas. If you would like to share comment below.


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