Packing for the Cottage


Yayyyy we are leaving to the cottage soon! Here`s how I was able to get prepared with a family of 6 and a dog. LISTS! LOL

Lists and more lists no word of a lie. When we booked to go to the cottage I took out my project book and started creating lists. Since I had lots of time I filled them in as things came into my head. As things got done/packed lists got marked off.

Cottage Prep 2015(don`t mind some of the doodles on the pages, my 3 1/2 yr old got a hold of my book, lol)

These are the titles of my lists:
-Household Items
-Outdoor Items (Including toys, beach toys, beach gear)
-Packing lists for each member of the family including our dog
-Shopping List
-To Do List Before Leaving (which is for the week before leaving)
-To Do List for the day before leaving
-To Do List for the night before leaving

This is the only way for me to insure what needs to get done, does and that I don`t forget anything. My plan is to have the car loaded the night before expect for anything Fridge & Freezer related of course. My son has his Soccer final game and fun day the day we leave to the cottage so there isn`t much left to do for that day so that nothing gets left behind or forgotten about. The basic is left for that day which is my everyday routine (ie. breakfast, clean up kitchen, make beds, dress kids, & tidy up). This way the only thing that is left to do when returning from our soccer day is load the fridge/freezer items in the cooler, get the dog, lock the door and we are off.

Packing is always stressful as I love to over pack, especially clothes for my kids as I always think of “what if“. But this time I am sticking to my lists and I worked it very detailed and each of my kids got an extra outfit for that “what if“ but nothing extra.


We are so looking forward to having this time together with no work, no schedules, no cleaning, no nothing but spending lots of time together, relaxing, enjoying time together as a family. With this being said I will be taking the week off from my blog. There will not be any new blog posts that week. However I have one to be posted on the Saturday morning before heading out to make up for the no post on Monday and thru out the week.


Would you like to share how you get ready to pack and prepare for a trip. Comment below, I would love to hear yours methods and what learn new ideas.


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