Back to School Prep 2015

It’s that time of year already, getting ready for back to school! It’s a crazy time for sure no matter how many kids you have. It can be really stressful too. I thought I would share how I get prepared for back to school for my 3 kids who go to school. My youngest 3 1/2 years old does not attend school yet, but I also make a list for her for what she needs for fall & winter season. Once the kids are off to school in September, I start shopping for her.

So, I started my list for back to school shopping in the middle of July. I made a list for each child on my post it notes note pad. I also took pictures of those lists so that if I was ever out and about and saw a sale I would be able to check those lists from my phone. Then I would go home check off what I bought and deleted the old picture and  take a new one with the changes. Otherwise, I would make planned trips and would have my lists with me.

backtoschoolprep 2

(the pictures aren’t the greatest, but they are only to show an idea of how I do my lists)

Another tip that helped me this year was as I was changing the clothes over from Winter to Spring/Summer I made lists of what the kids would need for Fall/Winter come September 2015. I stored those post it notes of list in my planner on the July calendar, 1. because I like to start my lists in July need to look for those lists or even forget where I put them.

For my 12 yr old & almost 9 yr old, I buy the basic  school supplies which I know they will need ie. lined paper, pencils, erasers, etc…. Only because the week that school starts they each get a supply list of what they will need from their teachers. Whatever I have already I check off and then bring those lists to buy the remaining items.

My 4 1/2 yr old was the easiest, as she doesn’t need school supplies yet for she is going to SK in September. I do buy some supplies to have on hand at home for her to complete her homework. I mainly had to buy indoor/outdoor shoes, backpack, lunch bag, and a few clothes pieces.

I also buy all the kids new lunch, snack containers, and water bottles every year. Of course if needed during the school year but I normally buy extra for backups. They always have more then one in the pantry as someone may forget them at school. I never have just one set for each kid. 

I normally start my shopping for school, including supplies, shoes, & clothing the last week of July and first week of August. I am pretty much done already. All I have left is a few clothing items for my almost 9 yr old as her Birthday is in August and she gets clothing from my family so I always wait and see what she gets and then I get whatever else is needed. This year I was mostly done my shopping the earliest I have ever been done and I think because I made those lists when changing the clothes over from the different season. I was done shopping by the last wk of July.

Winter jackets for my kids I always start buying in the middle of September & winter boots and accessories Mid to late October.

I also have a homework bin which lives in main floor closet on the shelf, I also make a list for any supplies needed for the “Homework Bin” and buy them when I am shopping for the kids school supplies. A Homework Bin is so awesome to have, at times the kids may forget some supplies needed at school for homework or a project and we always have back up. In there is also back up of things they may run out of in the s for school ie: pencils, pens, paper, glue. etc… During the school week I avoid any trips to Walmart or else where after school with the kids so the back up of supplies works great. 

Other prep work I do is the last week of August I have all the kids items that are needed labeled and their lunch containers, snack containers, water bottles washed and labeled as well and ready to go. All backpacks get setup with their new things and supplies and put in their own closets in their room until the day before school starts then their backpacks get hanged on their chairs in the eat in kitchen.

I also start the back to school routine around a week and a half before school starts. Bedtimes are back into place and early risings start. This helps a lot especially with having younger children so that it’s not so hard on them to get use a new routine.

I would love to hear your tips or advice if you would like to share comment below.


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