Bye bye old, Hello to the new

It saddens me to have to say good-bye to my car, yes I know it’s a car and it can be replaced, never have I been sad to let go of a car and get a new one until this time, weird right? I thought so too until I was telling my sister-in-law how silly it is and talking about it made me realize it wasn’t weird or silly after all. Even tho I will still have this car I just wont be driving it, it’s old and I no longer trust it on long trips. After 7 years of driving it, I know that car inside out, I am so comfortable with it, and honestly all the times this car has saved me from situations, I love her, yes her, lol. I have so many memories with it good and bad.

Many times after a stressful day, hubby would get home and take over, I would drive to release my stress which actually works. I would grab a Tim Hortons coffee, play loud music (as loud as I wanted as it was just me) and go on a drive. I would return back home feeling better and continue on with what I had to do.

My two younger children, Ava & Madison came home from the hospital in this car. All the family camping/cottage/day trips that I clearly over packed for in the past, lol, which gave my husband stressful times with loading the car and making it all fit, it always did. To the stained milk spots of my youngest child Madison, when she was a baby and hated being in the car and would spill milk everywhere, lol.

Too all the Tim Hortons coffee & friends chatting, laughing, even times of crying & sadness, lots of those times where spent in this car. It has held up well, lol.

Here’s my baby

Aqca 2005 MDXAcura MDX 2005

Well, I have decided to get excited for my new car and can’t wait to pick one out and start new memories in it.

I love the new Acura MDX 2016 in white with the Elite pkg. I am unsure with what to purchase still as with a family of six I need to think everything out. Will there be trunk room? Can we all fit comfortably? Reviews of a car? Price? etc….

I do also love the Mercedes-Benz 2015 GL in black, it sure is a beauty, pretty costly tho.

Do you have any suggestions or a good review on a vehicle that is good for a family of 6 with still having some trunk space? I would love to hear your suggestions or reviews comment below if you would like to share.


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