Back to School-Feelings

Yayyy first day back arrived, it went well and real smooth. I made sure on this past Sunday to go thru all backpacks and insure everything was ready to go. On the same day I washed all their new water bottles, lunch containers, & snack containers so that Monday was a laid back day for everyone! Monday after bath each kid picked their back to school outfits and they were laid out and ready for the morning. After all kids were in bed, I deicided to pre-make their school lunches and snacks. No matter what grade they are going into, or if they admit it or not each kid has and goes thru feelings that very first day of school. So to make it all breezey this morning I insured to have everything possible ready the night before. Very little was left to do this morning, just normal life duties (breakfast, washing up, dressing, putting lunches in backing packs). I also deicided to have them wake up time a bit earlier so that there was some down time before having to leave. Loved how my planning worked out this year, it was actually very relaxing this morning and we all walked to school together. 

Tyler (12 years old) & Kianna (9 years old) went on their own once we got to school, a big hug and our “goodbyes” and they went their way so that I may continue to the SK area to get Ava (almost 5 years old) settled. It was sad, first year that I wasn’t with the two older ones until it was class time. I knew they would be fine, but it still sadden me that I couldn’t be with all three. Ava this year, was a bit hesitant to go in which I am unsure why. She has been so excited to go back, she always ask when school starts. Last night as I was tucking her in she said “I’m so excited for tomorrow, but I’m going to miss you” my heart was racing but I didn’t want to show my emotions so I just said “I know, I will too, but it’s going to be so nice to see all your friends and so much fun” she agreed and off to sleep she went. This morning she woke up all excited, we get to school and continues to be excited. Right after we change shoes to her indoor shoes that’s where I noticed a change, she was clinging and reminding me she will miss me. My baby *insert crying face,  I was dying, I had no choice but to say “me too, but I will pick you up and you can tell me all about it” she was still hesitant. In the end, no melt downs and she went to sit with her best friend on the carpet and I left. My youngest Madison (3 1/2 years old) was so sad, she wanted her sisters and brother to come back. I talked to her the whole walk back home but she wasn’t in the mood. I deicided to do whatever she wanted and anything else I had to do could wait for another day. After being home for about an hour and half she seemed fine and we spent the rest of the morning together doing things. Every so often she stops and comes to ask “are they done yet” ” we leaving now” and I insure her soon we will. She’s too cute.

This now made me even sadder, realizing this time next year Madison will be off to JK and all my babies will be off and I am alone, Alone? Really? It’s been a long time, with four kids their was always a baby with me and at one point two.  I am going to be an emotional reck next year, I already told hubby he will need to take the day off to be my support that day. The house is already so much quiter with 3 at school. I don’t even want to think about when it’s all 4. Let’s change the subject as my eyes are full of water ready to bust out and my 3 1/2 year old is starring at me, lol.

Wishing all the kids a great first day back and to an amazing year for all of them.

If you would like to see how I prepared for the school year in the earlier months check out my post

Want to share your feelings? Are all your kids back at school or do u still have a little one with you? Comment below if you would like to share.


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