My Garden Care Routine

garden care pic

This year at Spring time when my husband and I were getting our garden all pretty and nice with cleaning up. planting new plants, and flowers, I loved the nice and clean look! I really wanted it to stay that way and keep on top of it so I decided to come up with a Garden day to my house chores.

In the past years, I have never had a Gardening schedule or even keeping up with it as it was far out of my mind since my two younger children were much younger before and maintaining a garden after caring for the house, kids, babies was the last thing on my mind. My husband has always mowed the lawn, takes care of the weeds on the lawn and still does. We use to let the garden slide and when it was time to clean it up it was so overwhelming and a hard chore that we both hated it.

This Spring once all was done I came up with a Garden routine for myself. I have kept with it still to this day. Once a week I go out and clean it up, trim flowers/plants, pull any weeds from the garden, clean out the flower pots on the porch, sweep porch and our walk way area. Usually my day for this is Saturday’s after our morning routine I pull out our Play-doh bin and we head outside. I set up the girls were I will be working and while they are entertained I work away. Play-doh here in our house is much loved, and the girls can play with it for hours. Also, play-doh here is only played with outdoors as it can get really messy.

I can really say now that I have this routine in place I look forward to doing it and really enjoy it where I couldn’t stand doing it in the past as it wasn’t kept on top of and at times got over overwhelming and time consuming. Since keeping on top of our garden it really doesn’t take long. I would say about 1/2 hr-45 minutes to get it all done including sweeping the porch, the walk way, and wiping the doors down.

I plan to continue this routine thru the fall. Now I know that when getting the garden ready for fall/winter it may take longer that day, as the same for when we start getting it ready for Spring/Summer again, but it will only be a longer day/chore once in the seasons which I can handle. I also plan to keep this routine in place for many years to come.

Do you have a Garden Routine you would like to share or any tips? Comment below & let me know I would love to hear them.


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  1. Isaura says:

    Very nice Sandy ❤

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